HbrewO Reviews and Feedback

Thank you to everyone who wrote a HbrewO Review for our products! It's great to see all the positive feedback and even better to hear suggestions from our customers. We are always listening and adding new features to make your brew day as easy as possible. Together, we can make homebrewing water treatment a little less miserable! 

Feedback we have responded to

Best Water Treatment System for Homebrewing

Float Valve: We added the float valve to give customers who need more than 10 gallons of water a safe way to gather that water without watching it (like paint drying...). 

Best Water Filter For Home Brewing

City and Well Versions: We added a city and well version for each unique water source. Since City water typically has more chlorine and chloramine, we added two carbon filters to deal with these additives in high chlorine areas. Well water maintained the sediment filter to avoid damage from small particle of sand or debris that could enter the system. 

Pro System: Some of you wanted a way to purchase our BrewRO System with all the bells and whistles. So we added the Pro System, which includes the float valve, TDS Monitor, and Faucet Adapter. 

HbrewO Reviews - 5 Stars!

HbrewO BrewRO Reviews

Now here is where we brag a little... You guys wrote some glowing HbrewO reviews that make even a large bearded homebrewing man blush. Here are a few of our Favorites:

5 Star HbrewO Review From Kyler G. (Amazon.com)

I use my brewro system about once a month when I brew. Helps me nail my mashing pH and adds consistency to my brewing. I change my filters every 6 month and always get pure water. I use the TDS monitor to ensure my water is always pure. I bought it at Homebrew Con and glad to see it's on Amazon for my future filter changes!

5 Star HbrewO Review From SteveK (HbrewO.com)

I picked up a BrewRO system at HomebrewCon 2017, and have used it three times with great results. The third time, I attached a small, inexpensive float valve which Mike suggested, and fixed it to the inside of a fermenting bucket. The float valve activated with about 6 gallons of water collected, shutting down all output including the waste water discharge.

5 Star HbrewO Review From Justin H. (Morebeer.com)

Convenient RO solution

I bought a system direct from the manufacturer and have been using it for 13 months (45 brews) now. Very simple to use - Line in results in Filtered and Waste water outputs at about a 1:3 - 1:4 ratio.

I love the convenience of capturing my own RO water. I opted for the TDS meter to track the wear on my filters as well as the faucet adapter. Both are very helpful and help facilitate my brew days.

Shipping from the manufacturer isn't bad, but coming from Georgia to California my last filter replacement order was ~6 business days between order date and delivery. MoreBeer's quick shipping makes it an easy decision to continue using this system and I know where my next filter replacement orders will be filled!

For those wondering about the waste water - Instead of running it down the drain I capture it in a MoreBeer bucket and use it to water the plants in the back and front yards.

5 Star HbrewO Review From Fritz F. (HbrewO.com)

Just today brewed first time with your system RO water and using Bru'n water for profile/additions, hit mash pH right on! I have found the system easy to use, recently installed a float valve (from Blichmann autosparge) in my HLT so I can turn on the system and not have to check it for hours.