What is the most challenging and least favorite part of homebrewing? The two answers I hear the most is cleaning and water chemistry. We cannot help you with cleaning, but we can with water chemistry! 

Why is water chemistry important? It's usually because you want you water to match a certain mineral profile that will complement your beer. Everyone knows this, but it is difficult and time consuming to calculate what is currently in your water mineral profile already, adjust for minerals you do not need with additions of purified water, and add minerals you need more of. Even after you do all that, factors such as chlorine, chloramine and other chemical additives in tap water can add off flavors. 

What is a solution? One would be to purchase bottled water. However, bottled water can be deceiving. Most 'Purified Water' has minerals added back in for taste, so it's not pure... Some homebrewers will purchase large amounts of distilled water (which is closer to pure than purified water... makes no sense, right?) and add in the mineral additions needed for their brew. Other dedicated homebrewers have taken the time to rig a reverse osmosis system somewhere to purify their own water - saving a trip to the store and hassle of looking like your cooking drugs at the grocery store check out line with 25 gallon jugs of distilled water. This is great, but some of these RO Systems can cost well into the thousands of dollars and you usually have to rig it somehow to work for your brewing needs. 

Okay, just tell me what you do? So HbrewO Systems is a manufacturer of water systems for brewing purposes. We designed our BrewRO System last year and it has performed better than we could have anticipated. The BrewRO is a 4 stage RO/DI water purification system. Water produced from the BrewRO system is 0 parts per million total dissolved solids. Truly pure water. Even after 6 months of usage the BrewRO still produced water at 0ppm TDS. We designed the system specifically for homebrewers. The BrewRO has two water input options: A hose input and a faucet input. The BrewRO has options for a float valve to automatically cut the water off once it reaches a certain water level in the collection vessel and a TDS monitor that measure the TDS of the water going in the system (your tap water) and the water going out of the system (your purified water). Everything stores away nicely inside the handheld case, plugs are included to seal the system off during storage, and it comes with plenty of tubing for you to set it up wherever it is convenient. Filters can be easily replaced each year and the RO membrane can last 3 to 4 years depending on your usage and water quality. We keep our filters reasonably priced on our website as well. 

I encourage you to check out our website and videos of the set up: http://www.hbrewo.com/videos/