Learn to set up your HbrewO BrewRO System for the first time. Make sure you refer to your instruction booklet for any additional details. The booklet is also available in pdf format on our website: HbrewO.com

Learn to set up your auto shutoff float valve to your BrewRO System.

Learn to set up your TDS Monitor with your BrewRO System

HbrewO Systems featured our flagship product, the BrewRO System, on the Homebrew Happy Hour podcast during the 2016 Homebrew Con. If you are curious about our product or water chemistry in brewing, please listen in! You can find the link to their station here.

HbrewO Systems started as a unsuccessfully funded Kickstarter Campaign. While the Kickstarter did not work out, we received a lot of private interest, manufacturing connections, partners in the homebrewing industry and new team members from the exposure the campaign provided us.